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All you have to do is take a few long oxidised necklaces and short ones and wear them in that order. If you are unsure how to put a full look together, then go for oxidised necklace sets that include rings and earrings so that you don’t have to stress about the matchmaking aspect of things. All you have to do is put on your favorite outfit and throw on a set – you’re good to go. Another advantage of buying jewellery sets is that you can wear the pieces separately and wear them together as you please.

Oxidised Jewellery is primarily the jewellery that has undergone the layering of a black patina over it. It is done to create a tarnished, blackened antique look over the jewellery piece. The particular ornament which needs to be oxidised is exposed to a pressured environment that contains sulfur. This gives the black effect over the silver jewellery and makes it look archaic and stunning.

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