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Nut Cutter

  • Dragon Brass Yali Nut Cutter

    The durable Nut cutter, it comes with carvings of yali and peacock. The handcrafted cutter is made of pure brass. It has traditional Indian artwork. Its height is 5 inch and the width is 2.5 inch. The..


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  • Dragon Yali Nut Cutter

    The dragon yali nut cutter. It has a rough grip that doesn’t let the cutter slip through hands. The handcrafted cutter is made of brass. The height of the cutter is 7 inch and the width is 2.7 inch. G..


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  • Dual Yali Brass Nut Cutter

    Yali, also known as “Vyala”, is a Hindu mythological character. They can be seen sculpted on pillars. The handcrafted nut cutter comes with two-faced Yali. Made out of brass, the height of the cutter ..


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  • Dual Yali Nut Cutter

    The Yali cutter is handcrafted. The brass product has a steel blade and a strong grip for easy work. The grip is long and rough for easy access. The height of the product is 8 inch and the width is 3 ..


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  • Parrot Nut Cutter

    The parrot nut cutter will give you a glimpse of old Indian culture. The artwork on the parrot is done by the skilled brass artist. The parrot nut cutter is handcrafted. The beautiful nut cutter is st..


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  • Peacock Nut Cutter

    Peacock is the Indian national bird. The peacock on the cutter is handcrafted by the most experienced workers. The blade is sharp and made of stainless steel. The brass nut cutter has a height of 4.8..


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  • Raja Rani Nut Cutter

    Bring home the Indian royal culture with this beautiful Raja Rani nut cutter. The elegant design on the cutter is handcrafted. The material used to make the cutter is brass. Height and width are 6 in..


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  • Yali Nut Cutter

    The mythological mysterious creature has one face in this nut cutter. Its rough handle will give a strong grip. The beautiful artwork on this brass product is done by skilled workers. The single Yali ..


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Brass Nut Cutter / Cracker 

Used in the mid-century to cut brass nut crackers into small pieces for chewing which was a day-long movement, the ornate nutcracker is handcrafted and engraved in detail by artisans in India. Handcrafted antique finished brass finest nut cutter. The cutter is crafted from brass that is considered to be a sacred metal and traditionally used in pooja accessories. One of kind Vintage solid brass Nut Cutter / Cracker displays a mythological detailing with the finest engraving in different designs. 

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