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Lord Vishnu

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Lord Vishnu Idols & Statues 

The brass sculptures are exceptional and have immense meaning. According to Hindu mythology, there are three superlative Gods, Brahma - The originator (of the Universe), Vishnu (The Preserver), and Mahesh (Lord Shiva, the destroyer). Vishnu is an ultimate God and is supposed to have incarnated himself to defend the cosmos from time to time. In this figurine, Lord Vishnu is revealed in a standing position, in his Vishwaroop or Virat Roop. It is said that in the typical of Mahabharata when Prince Arjuna was disinclined to wrestle against his own relatives due to his love and liking for them, his friend and guide Lord Krishna (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu himself) unfurnished his mind from doubts by viewing him his authentic superlative and collective form called Vishwaroop.

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