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Hindu Dieties

  • Brass Ram Darbar Idol

    The Ram Darbar. The set has Lord Ram, Goddess Sita, his brother Lakshman and his devotee Hanuman bowing down. The set is made of brass. it is handcrafted. Highest statue in the set has a height of 9 ..


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  • Baal Gopal Krishna Crawling

    Lord Krishna, the innocent face and mischievous tales. In this sculpture, the childhood of Lord Krishna has been portrayed. Crawling and holding a laddu, this sculpture of Lord Krishna is handcrafted...


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  • Crawling Baby Krishna On Stand

    Lord Krishna is said to be the eighth incarnation of God Vishnu. He is mischievous and loves “Makhan”. This sculpture of crawling Krishna is the most beautiful thing to watch. It's handmade from brass..


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  • Lord Ganesha On Mouse

    According to Indian mythologies, the mouse is the vehicle of Lord Ganesha and it is considered as a cognitive mind.The sacred sculpture of Lord Ganesha sitting on his mouse is handcrafted. The height ..


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  • Lord Ganesha Vahana-Mouse

    Mouse, the vehicle of Lord Ganesha, signifies intellect. It teaches us to stay alert and illuminate our soul. This favourite vehicle of lord Ganesha is handcrafted with brass. This sculpture has brass..


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  • Lord Krishna - Bala Gopal With Makhan

    This brass sculpture shows the love of Lord Krishna towards “makhan”. A “Matka” full of “makhan” and Lord Krishna have been beautifullyshowcased in this idol. The idol is handcrafted. The height of t..


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  • Lord Krishna Standing with Flute (Superfine)

    Superfine Brass Lord Krishna Standing with Flute..


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  • Lord Shiva Family Statue

    The divine family sitting at Mount Kailash. The sculpture shows the family of Lord Shiva. On his left, Goddess Parvati is sitting and Lord Ganesha is playing on Lord’s lap. A “Shivaling” is also carve..


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  • Lord Shiva Family with Kartikeya In Brass

    The family of Lord Shiva. “Mata” Parvati is on his left, Lord Ganesha is sitting on his lap and Lord Kartik is standing beside him. The divine family will shield you from all difficulties.Theidol is h..


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  • Lord Shiva with Nandi

    Lord Shiva, the almighty, sitting on his favorite vehicle. Nandi, the bull is the signification of love, peace, truth, and righteousness. This handmade sculpture is made of brass. The 5.5-inch tall st..


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  • Mata Saraswati Statue

     Mata Saraswati Statue..


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  • Radha Krishna Sitting

    Lord Krishna is playing the flute, Radha is resting on his shoulders and listening to the sweet sound of the flute. The idol of sitting Radha and Krishna is handcrafted with high brass. The brass colo..


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  • Sitting Vishnu Laxmi Brass Statue

    The divine couple of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. It is handcrafted and made with high-quality brass. The pair will bring positivity and prosperity. The divine couple will remove all the difficultie..


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  • Superfine Standing Deep Laxmi

    Goddess Laxmi is the wife of Lord Vishnu. She is known for bringing prosperity and destroying darkness. What could be better than Goddess Laxmi bring the light to your place? This handcrafted sculptur..


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  • 10 Face Shiva Head On Round Base (Big)

    Ten Faces Shiva Head On Round Base..


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  • 3 Faces Lord Shiva Behind Parvati

    This sculpture has 3 face of lord Shiva. On the back, Goddess Partavti is carved on brass. The sharp Indian artwork is handcrafted by experienced artists. Height of the sculpture is 8 inch and the wid..


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  • 5 Face Shiva Parvati Sitting

    “Hara-Gauri” represents an ideal couple for the Hindus and they have been inspiring millions of Hindu husband and wife by setting a precedent of love, devotion and affection. The sculpture is handcraf..


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  • A Deepwali Pooja Box Set

    Diwali Puja Box Set..


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  • Annapurana Idol On base

    Annapurana Idol On base..


  • Annapurna Mata (Small)

    The goddess of the kitchen, Annapurna Mata, is one of the most sacred figures in Hinduism. She is the daughter of Mother Earth, and her husband is Lord Shiva. The goddess has a beautiful face and an u..


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  • Ashta Mukhalingam Brass Idol

    Ashta Mukhalingam Brass Sculpture..


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  • Baby Dancing Ganesha

    Dancing Bal Ganesha Brass Statue..


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  • Bal Ganesha with Basuri

    Bal Ganesha with Basuri..


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  • Bal Gopal Krishna Sitting In Jhula

    The “Makhan Chor” Lord Krishna. He is enjoying his butter on his “Jhula”. The “Jhula” is has two bells on both sides and peacock shaped top. The handcrafted sculpture is made of Brass. Height of the s..


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  • Big Ganesha Sitting On Rectangle Base

    Large Ganesha Statue Sitting On Base..


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  • Blessing Lord Shiva Statue

    Blessing Lord Shiva Statue..


  • Blessing Sai Baba

    Sai Baba idol with the blessing hand is widely used for worship and decoration in the home. This idol is an excellent work of art created by a creative mind, which our customer greatly appreciates. Mh..


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  • Brass Ganesha Lakshmi Pair

    Handcrafted sculpture of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha. Goddess Laxmi is carrying lotus in two her hands and giving blessings with another two, whereas lord Ganesha is holding his weapons and giving ..


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  • Brass Annapurna Statue

    Brass Annapurna Statue..


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  • Brass Baal Gopal Krishna Crawling

    Lord Krishna has been portrayed from various perspectives, whether a godchild, a passionate lover or a divine hero. His childhood is portrayed as a laddu lover, shown in this handcrafted idol. This Br..


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  • Brass Chatrapati Shivaji Face Statue

    Brass Chatrapati Shivaji Face Statue..


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  • Brass Cow and Calf

    The cow is the animal who is worshiped as a mother in Indian culture. This handcrafted sculpture is a replica of cow feeding her calf. The sculpture is made of brass. It has the design of Indian custo..


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Hindu God Idols Online

Idols are living embodiment of Hindu God. Their presence reminds followers of the strength and innate divine power that is within them and around them. One meaningful way to communicate our love and devotion to God is to worship idols made out of metal alloys like brass, etc. Worshipping god idols with enthusiasm and devotion is one of the most powerful ways to share and express our feelings and emotions toward God without any doubt or hesitation in our minds.

Brass God Statue for Home & Temple

The Advitya is a one-stop shop with the most extensive variety of Metal/Brass statues. These are handcrafted by our expert team of artists who give them an authentic finish with subtle color & gemstones. To maintain product quality, we provide special attention to minute details to exceed your expectations. Besides this, these idols come with everlasting shine property and require no external care.
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