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The tradition of wearing bangles in India has been prevalent since ancient times. Married women needed to wear bangles to show their marital status. Bangles were made of various materials such as gold, silver, bronze, copper, shell, terracotta, stone, and glass. German Silver bangles symbolized strength in the earlier days. In today's day, silver bangles are associated with elegance and minimalist fashion. Younger women prefer silver jewellery as they are not so flashy and clunky, like gold jewellery. 

If you want to buy German silver bangles online, The Advitya is the place for you. We have silver bangles in various designs and embellishments. The best thing about these bangles is that you can wear them with both western and ethnic outfits, and they are great for casual and festive occasions. 

Looking to shop for pure antique tribal german-silver jewellery? Well, you couldn't have arrived at a better place. The Advitya offers a wide range of german-silver-based kadas and bangles that would go well with handloom sarees. 
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