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  • Brass Buddha Head

    Buddha Head Brings peace and positive energy to your home. In keeping with Vaastu, setting Gautama Buddha in exclusive locations in your private home will affect your intellectual kingdom and peace. H..


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  • Brass Laughing Buddha Pair

    The laughing Buddha is considered the keeper of positivity. He brings happiness. The pair of this laughing Buddha is handcrafted and made with high-quality brass. As we all know, Laughing Buddha bring..


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  • Brass Laughing Buddha Statue

    These buddha statues have been crafted in pure brass by the artisans of The Advitya. These statues will enhance your home's positive atmosphere and uplift the peace and harmony quotient in your profes..


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  • Buddha Face

    Everyone wants perfect peace of mind away from ignorance, greed and other inflictive states. This zen Buddha idol has always been a great symbol of peace. This statue has been enthusiastically handcra..


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  • Buddha In Lying Position

    Reclining Buddha Brass Statue | Sleeping Buddha IdolThe statue of the Lord Buddha reclining is one of Buddhism's most important iconographic and statuary patterns. It depicts the actual Buddha, who is..


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  • Buddha Sitting Brass Statue

    Peace and positive energy are brought into your home by Buddha. Vaastu says that putting the Buddha in different parts of your home may affect your mental and tranquility health. Here we provide one o..


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  • Buddha Sitting on base (Big)

    Fill your house with spiritual energy with this lovely meditating Buddha. Buddha refers to those who have awakened from ignorance and perceive things as they are. Our bronze-colored Buddha comes with ..


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  • Buddha Sleeping Position

    The reclining Buddha, with flowing robes, is shown in the nirvana or enlightenment stance. The huge ushnisha bulge symbolizes his extraordinary spiritual growth on top of his head. The Buddha has a ca..


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  • Buddha Standing On Base

    The most calm standing Buddha statue will add an attractive enhancement to your decor. It is crafted from textured brass. This lovely idol adds a touch of sophistication to your home decor and makes a..


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  • Gautam Buddha On Hand

    This Brass Hand Buddha Statue represents the vitarka mudra buddha in a sitting planning position with the design of a mortal win- suchlike structure behind the statue with a beautifully sculpted lotus..


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  • Large Buddha Sitting On Base

    Perfectly crafted by our artisans, this Buddha statue infuses your home with peace and good vibes. This intricate statue depicting the face of the Buddha in meditation instills tranquility and harmony..


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  • Peaceful Sitting Buddha Fine Brass Statue

    The Fine Brass Peaceful Sitting Buddha Statue is constructed of pure brass and thoughtfully designed to fit any environment. It is constructed from a solid substance with an aged appearance using a di..


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  • Standing Tibetian Buddha Ashirwaad Mudra

    The Standing Buddha statue will help you find balance in your life. The standing Buddha sculpture is made by hand. His hand positions teach us to balance our inner and outer selves. Brass was used to ..


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  • Thinking Brass Buddha (Small)

    Tibetans believe that the Buddha was responsible for disseminating medical knowledge worldwide. As a result, the right hand facing outward represents "bestowing a boon on humanity" (meaning giving a b..


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Brass Lord Buddha Idols & Statues

The Buddhism Idol Lord Buddha is the most well-liked deity who is recognized for his knowledge & enlightenment or influential awakening abilities. The Blessing god idol sculptures are perfect for any home decor or Feng Shui decor art. The stunning statues of Buddha are made of brass with the finest detailing handwork & complex hand carving on the body of the sculpture. These are great pieces for the precious collection, a priceless personal alter or a great present. The handwork is very fine with far-fetched detailing. The exclusive work of art is perfect as a temple sculpture or statue. Hand-carved by our skillful craftsmen to augment your home and garden by the graceful Lord Buddha Statues, a symbol of tranquility & agreement. 

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